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Do I File For Divorce During the Holidays?

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When wanting to file for divorce, some individuals may factor in the time of year for consideration. If you have already decided to divorce, then you might be left wondering when the right time to finalize or move forward actually is. With the holiday season finally upon us, the question of if filing for divorce during the holidays is the right choice may arise. While this is certainly the best option for some individuals, especially those in toxic or abusive relationships, sometimes it is better to wait.

Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. is here to explain some reasons why you might want to wait to file for divorce after the holidays. Know that we are here to help you navigate the process when you are ready.


During the holidays, you are likely spending more money. Consider all of the gifts you buy each year. Furthermore, you may have to travel long distances or stay in hotels, racking up additional costs. If you decide to proceed with divorce immediately, you will have more costs during the holiday season. Depending on the situation, a divorce could also mean that you would have to find another place to stay and provide for your children. These costs may impact your holidays, adding more stress and things to your plate.

If you wait to proceed with a divorce, you can save more money after the holidays. There is also the added benefit of having more time to prepare essential documents, and potentially communicate with your spouse about what should be done amicably if at all possible.


If you have children, waiting to divorce until after the holidays may be the better option. Many of the things that occur during this time are meant for making positive memories with your children. When you announce that you are deciding to get a divorce, this news may ruin the magic of the holidays for them.

If you can put your differences aside, consider waiting for divorce until after the holiday season. That way, you can provide your children with a cheerful holiday and better prepare how to break the news. Not to mention that your other family members may also feel the impacts of your choice, also altering their memories of time spent together.


While it is true that other people’s opinions should not factor in your choice to get a divorce, you will likely have to deal with them more over the holidays. If you are divorcing but still have to attend family gatherings, you can expect people to ask questions. They may even share their own opinions about your relationship and how it could or not be salvaged. This experience may be overwhelming to some, especially if your decisions are in question.

If you wait until after the holidays, you can avoid having your family members question your every decision. Your divorce can proceed without having to declare your decision then and there.


Think about how stressful the holiday season can already be. There are trips, family events and other components to balance. Now imagine also having to manage the stress of divorce. It may be more valuable to focus on one thing, such as getting through the holiday season. That way, you can have less on your plate in general when navigating your divorce.

If it is a possibility, try to consider waiting until after the holidays wrap up. This will eliminate any unnecessary chaos for this time and ensure that your children don’t experience the same feelings of stress and worry.

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