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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law in Folsom

Work Together to Resolve Your Family Matter

Collaborative law is also known as collaborative practice. It is a legal process that allows couples/parties who have decided to separate, end their marriage, or just need to resolve a family law dispute to work with their lawyers, individual divorce coaches, and – on occasion – other family law professionals.

Through this process, other professionals you may work with include but are not limited to:

  • Financial specialists
  • Child specialists
  • Real estate appraisers
  • Tax consultants
  • Other resource specialists

The collaborative process is designed to stay out of court by having the parties contract to a participation agreement that if either or both parties opt to remove their case from the collaborative process and turn to litigation, each party will no longer be able to use his/her collaborative lawyer.

If you are thinking about resolving your case through a collaborative process, choose the Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. Our collaborative lawyers in Folsom are dedicated to serving your needs and resolving your family matters in a simple, straightforward, and stress-free manner.

To learn more about the collaborative process, call us at (916) 794-4576 or contact us online today.

Why Choose a Collaborative Method

Collaborative cases are intended to help the parties avoid the uncertain outcome of court, achieve a settlement that meets the specific needs of both parties and their children, and avoid the underlying threat of litigation.

Resolving disputes collaboratively has the added benefit of being cost-efficient for the involved parties, as the necessary tasks in the collaborative model are assigned to professionals who specialize in their specific areas. This ensures that tasks are completed without duplication or increased costs. You also avoid all the costs and fees associated with appearances in court, trials, court reporter fees, and other court filing expenses.

Choose the Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C.

We understand the emotional nature of family legal matters and the importance of trust in the attorney-client relationship. The advice of our skilled collaborative lawyers in Folsom can help you get through this difficult time in your life.

Reach out today by calling (916) 794-4576. We serve families in Folsom, Northern California, and surrounding counties.

Client Testimonials

We're Here to Help You Through This Difficult Time in Your Life
  • I am very lucky to have Tiffany Andrews as my attorney!

    “Tiffany Andrews is highly professional and knowledgable attorney. I am very pleased with the results.”

    - kvitkoolga
  • Amazing Family Law Attorney!

    “I would strongly recommend Mrs. Andrews for any family law issues. She was my attorney for over a year. In that time she was focused and diligent. Not once did any paperwork get rejected for clerical ...”

    - Chad
  • Review of Tiffany Andrews

    “Very responsible and professional lawyer in my opinion. Represented me well and got me what I wanted. As well, provided me with good solid solutions for my situation and gave sound advice. Highly ...”

    - George
  • Hard Working

    “Ms. Andrews did a lot of research on issues she was not clear so that she would be able to provide accurate information and advice. She worked diligently on my case, while my ex's attorney was playing ...”

    - Previous Client
  • Dedicated and Professional

    “Ms.Andrews represented My husband and I for a very emotional child custody case in early 2010. She was professional, prepared and most importantly fought for our side to be heard by all parties ...”

    - Previous Client

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  • 2015 Certified Family Law Specialist, State Bar of CA, Board of Legal Specialization
  • 2011 Certified Welfare Law Specialist by NACC, Accredited by the CA State Bar Board of Legal Specialization
  • Active in the Local Community
  • Involved in the State Legislative Process
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