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How To Organize Holiday Custody Schedules

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The holidays are quickly approaching. Along with this time of year comes all of the stress for family plans and coordinating gifts. It is easy to get overwhelmed and feel lost. However, if you are co-parenting during this time of year, you might experience even more stress. Not only do you have to worry about the usual holiday stressors, but you also have to think about communicating effectively with your co-parent. Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. has all of the tips for organizing your holiday custody schedule to minimize stress.

1. Plan or Organize in Advance

Planning will help immensely to have a successful holiday season for you and your kids. By knowing precisely what you have planned, you will have less stress in your life overall. Furthermore, the kids will feel secure in knowing what they are going to do as well.

2. Rely on Court Orders and Flexibility

A court-mandated custody order can detail holiday custody schedules for parents. Having a document to rely on can reduce large amounts of stress. However, a document can’t predict when a random life event might occur. During the holidays, there might be random drop-ins from relatives. By remaining flexible and offering understanding to your fellow co-parent, the holiday season will progress much smoother.

3. Split Your Holidays

After a divorce, organizing the holidays might feel complex. However, there are several ways to arrange the holiday season to help reduce stress.

  • Alternate holidays
  • Divide the day between the parents
  • Have the same holiday twice

By following the above suggestions, both parents still have time to spend with their children on special holidays. When deciding on organizing schedules, always put your family first and think of what would be best for them.

4. Put Your Kids First

When organizing your holiday schedule, the most important tip to follow is to put your children first. Always make sure that they enjoy their days and not spend too much time traveling or going back and forth between families. Think about how they would like to spend their days. If your children are old enough, you could even ask them their own opinions of holiday schedules.

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