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What Are The Common Reasons For Divorce?

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When deciding to file for a divorce, one of the first questions people may ask is why. While it is true that there are many reasons that people may choose to file for a divorce, some reasons are more common than others. These factors often lead to a broken marriage, whether it be due to incompatibility or adulterous behavior.


One of the more common reasons individuals cite filing for divorce is incompatibility. This simply means that the two individuals in the marriage are not compatible with each other and have different lifestyles. Incompatibility can often lead to arguments and conflict, which can eventually lead to a breakdown in the marriage. If you feel as though you and your spouse are incompatible, it may be time to consider filing for divorce.


Individuals will also often divorce their spouse when some type of abuse is taking place. Both physical and emotional abuse often leads to a feeling of fear or insecurity in the relationship. When experiencing any kind of abuse in your marriage, it is crucial to reach out for help. Many resources are in place to help protect domestic violence victims, and filing for divorce may be the best option for ensuring your safety.


Another common reason for filing for divorce is adultery, whichoccurs when one spouse has an affair outside of the marriage. This can be challenging to overcome, as it often leads to trust issues within the relationship. If you have reason to suspect that your spouse has been unfaithful, it may be time to consider filing for divorce.

Attorneys That Can Provide Support

When considering filing for a divorce, make sure you discuss your case with a qualified attorney who can help you navigate the legal process. Divorce can be difficult and emotional, but an experienced attorney can help make the process go smoother.

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