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How to Help Your Child Adjust to Co-Parenting


4 Tips to Help Your Kids Adjust to Co-Parenting

Starting a new life with your kids after divorce comes with a lot of changes. Sometimes, changes like new schedules, living in separate households with both parents, and more can impact your children’s ability to adjust.

As a parent and recent divorcee, one of the biggest challenges you’ll face is maintaining your normal lifestyle and routine with your kids. But, we all need a little guidance on how to adjust to change. Keep reading for tips to help your kids adapt to their new routine.

1. Explain the Meaning of Co-Parenting

Your kids may not understand what co-parenting means. Explain to them that co-parenting is an arrangement between you and your ex where you share the time and responsibilities of your kids together.

2. Answer Your Kid’s Questions

Most likely, your child will have questions about your new lifestyle and why it’s happening. It’s important to listen to your child’s questions and answer them as they come about. Take this time to explain to them how the new changes will affect things like their daily activities, sports, weekends, school schedules, new households, and more.

3. Set a New Routine

Before you and your ex begin sharing time with your kids, talk to them about what your new routine will be and what their role is. After you have a new routine ready to go, keep your kids informed about things like bedtimes or chores.

4. Be Positive About the Transition

One of the most important things on our list is to remember to always try to be positive throughout the situation. Divorce impacts not only you as parents, but your kids will also be affected.

Try to keep a positive outlook, and don’t speak negatively about your ex in front of your kids. Encourage them to have a positive and healthy relationship so they can bond with your ex.

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