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3 Fun Activities for Your Kids During the Summer


3 Fun Activities During Visitation

Summertime is an exciting and fun time for the whole family! If you’re going to have your kids this summer for visitation and you’re looking for ideas to have a good time, then you’re in the right place.

Our family law attorney works with families daily, especially families who have kids, and a recurring question that arises is what can parents do during visitation? Keep reading for fun suggestions and activities you and your kids can enjoy this summer.

1. Go on a Mini Vacation

Depending on the terms included in your custody agreement, a very fun activity your kids are sure to enjoy is a short trip. Ask your kids before you plan to take them on vacation and give them the opportunity to pick where they want to go themselves. You can go camping, to the beach, a lake, or visit a city you’ve always wanted to go to.

If your ex doesn’t have an issue with it, keep communication lines open so that you can let them know that your kids are safe and having a good time!

2. Plan a Summer Barbeque

Who doesn’t love food and a little sunshine? If your custody and visitation agreement allows it, invite your family and friends over to enjoy a barbeque with you and your kids.

Having familiar people around like family and friends may help your kids feel more comfortable, especially if they’re used to the family having similar gatherings before your divorce.

3. Make a Summer Reading List

Education can be fun too! Gather you and your kid’s favorite summer reads and set a goal to read them together whenever the opportunity arises.

Books can help keep their minds sharp and also help them focus on something positive. A good book may also be healthy for you because it can help you keep a positive mindset during visitation.

The possibilities are endless. Summer fun can take shape in any form, so be spontaneous if you must!

If you need help modifying your child custody and visitation, our attorney at Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. would be more than happy to help you with your existing case or help you start a new custody case.

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