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Important Questions To Ask Your Attorney

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When you are about to go through a divorce, one of the first things that you may want to consider is retaining an attorney. However, not all attorneys are the same or utilize similar strategies. It is important to find an attorney that will work with you and meet your specific needs. In initial consultations, you can take the opportunity to ask questions that will help you determine if a specific attorney is right for you or not.

The team at Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. wants you to succeed in your case. We can provide you with a list of questions that you can bring along to your initial consultation.

1. How Will We Communicate?

This is an important question to bring up to your attorney before they begin to dig into your case. You will be in frequent contact with your legal representation, so it is vital that you know their modes of communication and approximate response time. Most attorneys will work to fit what method of communication will work best for you, whether that is through email, calls, or even video chatting. Furthermore, you will also be interacting with the other support staff in the firm, meaning that you should feel comfortable talking to them as well.

2. What Experience Do You Bring?

Having an experienced divorce attorney with vast knowledge can better help you navigate your case. You will want an individual that understands the complexities of divorce, and other related components such as property division, child custody, and visitation. A general attorney or firm may not have extensive experience in specific family law matters, which could negatively affect the outcome of your case.

3. How Will I Pay My Fees?

Finances are a sensitive subject for many people. However, it is crucial to know the estimated costs of an attorney handling your case. Having surprise costs further into your case could leave you financially stressed and overwhelmed. Some firms have established retainer fees, hourly rates, or other charges. However, some firms offer payment options if an upfront cost is too high. Another feature offered by Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. is an online payment portal, where you can make your payments efficiently.

4. What Is My Expected Timeline?

The timeline of your divorce is largely affected by the details of your case. For example, if you are in a high-conflict divorce, it may take longer to discuss your agreement, especially if the case ends up in court. An attorney will be able to explain your expected timeline in more detail, as they will have the experience needed to foresee any potential issues along the way. It is important to know that the average divorce in California takes around 18 months, but this is not the guaranteed timeline.

5. What Strategies Will Be Used?

Different attorneys utilize different strategies in order to reach agreements during a divorce. It is important to ask your attorney their preferred methods, as they may not provide specific services. At Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C., our team implements several different approaches to divorce, depending on what works best for a unique case. From collaborative law or alternative dispute resolution to litigation, we will tailor our representation to your specific needs.

6. Can I Lower My Fees?

Divorce has the potential to cost exorbitant amounts of money, especially if one side refuses to compromise. An attorney can help answer this question, providing you insight on the more cost-effective approaches to divorce, such as mediation. However, this will not always be the best option for every case.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

It is important to have questions prepared for your first consultation or meeting with an attorney. This will allow you to learn more about your potential legal representation, as well as have a better idea of what outcomes are possible. Law Office of Tiffany L. Andrews, P.C. is a California family law specialist, and is prepared to answer any questions that you may have. Contact us at (916) 794-4576 to set up a consultation today.